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Which 5 Things Should NOT Be In Your Living Room?

Which 5 Things Should NOT Be In Your Living Room?

Which 5 Things Should NOT Be In Your Living Room?

Living rooms are among the most important part of your home and perhaps one of the places that deserve a lot of attention. Since this is one of the most public places in your home, it should be “dressed up” properly.

All of us have their own idea of what their living room should look like and preferences will differ from one person to another. But, we have defined some of the things that should NOT be in your living room.


Visible, tangling and messy cables and wires

The living room is where a lot of appliances can be found and we are perfectly aware that there could be a large number of wires that would find their way in this room. Seeing these things can be a complete eyesore and you would not want to see this mess whether you have a minimalist or a traditional home. In fact, this is a huge interior decoration mistake but it’s a good thing that there is always something that you can do about it. Some of our favorite tricks to get rid of these are in Lifehacker.

DVD and CD Cases

There was a time when everything came in these cases and if you fancy watching movies at home or listening to albums, you will collect your fair share of cases. But, in an age where digital files are an option, it makes sense to get rid of these cases that could take up valuable space and gather dust. If you really have to keep your collection, store them inside a cabinet.

Empty Shelves and Book Cases

If you are not going to use the space to store anything valuable, you might as well get rid of it entirely. If the space is too bare, you can add an artwork or better yet a mirror. But if you have stuff all over the place, these shelves could be a great place to put everything together. Even if miniatures and souvenirs tend to remind you of good times, it’s undeniable that they can be a pain to look at if they are cluttered all over the place.


Useless Furniture

Many of us have that piece of furniture that we don’t really use and/or necessarily like but we have it in the living room in case we have several people in the house. Thinking about where to sit people especially when receiving them is a prime concern but this may just be a justification for not getting rid of that piece. If you expect company often and you always lack seating space, this might be a cue that your living room requires new furniture or a new arrangement so it doesn’t look crammed.

Dozens of Framed Photographs

Pictures are great reminders of our loved ones. Some of us love placing the best pictures in the living room but there are instances when you overdo it and end up with a piece of furniture with so many framed pictures on top. This makes the space look cluttered. One good alternative is to arrange pictures as they do in a gallery. You could also play with frames of different sizes and hang them in an artistic manner. Going vertical is always a good way to save space and make the room look well put together.

Image Credits: LIVAZA; Home Garden Decor

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