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The Minimalist Guide to White Interiors

The Minimalist Guide to White Interiors

The Minimalist Guide to White Interiors

We all love color in our rooms but with modernization comes new trends. Among the hottest trends these days is white interiors. It seems that the world of interior design just couldn’t get enough of white.

But wait! Before you go crazy on painting all the walls white and making sure that the interiors will not look like a hospital wall, or worse, something straight out of a mental ward. Being stylish and looking like some facility are two different things!

Albeit considered as an almost clinical choice, the color white can be used in conjunction with other colors to break the monotony and give your home a new look.  Honestly, all shades, or almost all, will go well with white but we have handpicked some of our favorite choices. By using the right combinations, you can transform your home and hide problem areas that you have been struggling to cover.

White and Black

Ideas for black and white design - luscious sophisticated black-and-white-interior

This is a classic color combination and no one can argue that interior decor with this combination are timeless. Any room with this monochromatic combo looks sophisticated and bold. Almost anyone can pull off these colors, so this is choice is pretty safe for anyone. For those who are interested in something more subtle but stunning, painting trimmings black may be the best choice or you could add a mirror or any artwork with black accents.

White and Wood

interior-modern-apartment-susanna-cots (1)

As far as we are concerned, this combination is just enchanting. White and wood just go together and this shade of white includes creamy white and other shades that come with a milky undertone. But, be forewarned that bright white may not be your best bet and be sure to match the exact wood shade with your choice of white.

White and Blue


Blue as used in this combination is a catchall word as it includes different shades from royal blue to turquoise to azure to sky blue. All these would look great on a white room. It’s undeniable that blue is getting much attention and it is highly warranted as there is so much that you can do with this color especially when combined with white. The combinations are plane awesome.

White and Gold

Lidia-Bersani-luxury-interior-designer (1)

Gold has the ability to dazzle and it’s ability would not be subdued especially in a white room. There are actually two totally different courses of action to go: do it subtly or go big. Small items with gold accents would be a good way to ease in the metallic look or you could give your room an impact by using bigger pieces that will make a statement. In this room, the use of a mirror with gold trimmings makes the room appear as if it is surrounded by the stunning view.

White and White


Well, this one which is also the last on our list is one of our favorites. As we have said white can hide flaws which makes it a top choice and just the color white has a lot of appeal. But, when you are trying to make white on white work, you should make sure that there is a difference on texture and on the shades. White is not just a single color, there is a range of shades with different undertones and you can use that diversity and make it work so you don’t end up with a clinical room.

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Which combination do you like best? Is your heart set on a different white color combination? We’d love to know your thoughts on our comments section.

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