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Elle Décor’s Top 5 Tips for Hanging Mirrors

Elle Décor’s Top 5 Tips for Hanging Mirrors

Elle Décor’s Top 5 Tips for Hanging Mirrors

Interior decorators love mirrors and there is a perfectly suitable reason for that! Mirrors can cure almost any kind of flaw in a home whether it is the lack of light or the need for aesthetics. Mirrors can also create an entirely different vibe in your home which is perfect when you are interested in seeing your home in another light. But, before we talk more about mirrors and how lovely they can be, it is vital to know the most basic thing about them: how are they supposed to be positioned in your home?

Hanging a mirror isn’t a very hard job but it is highly important to observe some rules when hanging them. Looking for a position where mirrors can do the greatest amount of good for your home is a fundamental consideration.

Reflect More of the Room With a Downward Tilt

Among the many reasons why people consider hanging mirrors in their home is to create an illusion that rooms are bigger. One simple trick to achieve this is to tilt mirrors downwards according to Jen Going of the GoingHome line of furniture. This would create the mirror’s desired effect which would be highly beneficial to your home.

Replace Default Bathroom Mirrors With A Framed Mirror


Robert A. Downs, an expert from art installation firm iLevelArt.com suggests replacing default mirrors in bathrooms. Usually, the mirror that comes with the sink are frameless mirrors which, honestly, does the job. But, even if it allows you to see your reflection, it might not be the best thing for aesthetics. One workaround is to get rid of that good old boring mirror and choose a framed mirror. If frames are not really your thing, you can go for artistic mirrors. By using something arty, you can add character to the room.

Know When to Hang A Mirror And When Not To

This is something that anyone who is thinking about hanging a mirror should consider first. There are mirrors that need to lean on something not to hang from somewhere. You need to recognize the difference between these two things.

Avoid Hanging Mirrors on Moving Surfaces or Above Your Bed

Ensuring that the mirror is placed on a surface that is stable makes sense as the chances that your mirror would accidentally be broken due to falling off can be reduced. Caution should also be observed when the mirror is above your bed as it could lead to accidents if it falls off. Should you decide to place it on that area, be sure to hire professionals to install it.

Hang A Mirror in the Dining Room

mirror circle dining

This happens to be one of the most popular places to hang a mirror. Feng shui also agrees with this as a mirror in the dining room usually means abundance which would be beneficial to the owner of that home. This also creates an awesome effect on the lighting especially if there are chandeliers. But, remember that the reflection of any exposed bulb could be glaring and hurtful to the eye.

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