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Music and Mirrors: Uncovering the Clandestine Affair Between Art and Sound

“Music is the art of all the invisible things that are real.”

See You Design mirrors are not just a product of imagination and creativity; it is much more than that. With influences that are rooted in Eastern Music, mirrors come with a touch of color that depicts music in all its glory in a visible medium. Indeed, music and art has long been in an affair of great proportions.

Music and art has and will always have a complex relationship. Time and again, these creative mediums are dissimilar in many ways yet they cannot be separated from each other. They have a bond which is too formidable to ignore yet they have a barrier that is too hard to ignore. But, the beauty that results from these two is beyond compared.

Discovering the Connection Between Eye and Sound

Even way back in centuries long past, it cannot be denied that there is a relationship between visual art and the music that is produced in each era. As far back as the time of Plato, the relationship between art and music has been known. The so called “Synaesthesia” or shared sensitivity has been a hotly debated philosophical topic since the ancient times. This is, as previously mentioned, an acknowledgment that music has a way of influencing and in turn, being influenced by art. Undeniably, there is a wide difference in opinion on which creative medium is more superior. Needless to say, whichever influences which, both art and music work together to create astounding and perfect beauty.

Art and Music through the Ages

Throughout the centuries, it can be observed that the periods for art and music coincide and they are characterized by features that are highly similar with each other. The eternal factor and driving force between periods for these mediums have similarities as to cultural influences, political movement and other factors that could affect the quality of each work. The 16th century period considered as Mannerist for instance, have a similar characteristic where music and art are involved. There is a distortion in each work, for visual artists in their painting and for musicians in their music.

Musical Influences on Art

Jackson Pollock, Black and White Abstract

Jackson Pollock, Black and White Abstract

Given how the history of art and music are intertwined, it did not come as a surprise why there are many artists whose works are highly influenced by their taste in music. Some works of art seems to be deeply rooted to the music which inspired it. Among the most popular pop artist known for this is Andrew Warhol who used Velvet Underground, a popular rock band to be the prime inspiration for his works. Meanwhile, jazz was the primary influence of two other artists, namely, Stuart Davis, a cubist painter and Jackson Pollock, an abstract expressionist.

Music and Mirrors

Music is more than just sound; it is a tool for communicating feelings that cannot be put into words. Using a rich blend of music that showcases the unique Eastern culture, we have created a whole set of artistic mirrors to show it.


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