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5 Baby Steps To Creating a Minimalist Home Interior

5 Baby Steps To Creating a Minimalist Home Interior

5 Baby Steps To Creating a Minimalist Home Interior

These days, minimalist designs are all the rage. People have a “less is more” attitude when it comes to designing their homes. Most contemporary homes are trying to adopt this approach since it is neater and it gets rid of unnecessary decors inside your home.

You have many reasons to go for minimalist home or reinforce your decision to follow the trend. Among the best reasons is that it is less stressful, at least from a visual point of view. Plus, homes that are considered to be minimalist look more appealing. Best of all, it’s easier to clean when you only have a few objects in your home.

Image courtesy of 7decorideas.com Beautiful Painting for Living Room Art Ideas

We all have an idea of how minimalist homes look like but we should create an image which is streamlined and is devoid of too much stuff.Imagining how things should be is not the problem, the biggest question is how to do it?

We have outlined some basic guidelines that could point you to the right direction as far as creating a minimalist home is concerned.

Go back to the basics

Minimalist Beach House Living Room Concept Featuring White Ottoman And Abstract Cavas Wall Art And Laminate Hickory Living Room Floor Ideas as featured in Plebio

A minimalist home does not contain unnecessary items, only the bare essentials. Considering all other factors, your room should have fewer furniture without compromising comfort. So, this simply means that you need to be careful in making furniture choices for your room. If it’s not needed in the room, get rid of it.

Use art as a focal point

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Going minimalist means clearing stuff off the wall but it does not necessarily mean that you have to give up your artistic side. However, this implies that you have to make up your mind on how you want the room to look like, what vibe it should exude and the overall impression that people will have about a room when choosing art. The best way to do this is to pick one or two art works with care and use it as a focal point for your room.

Go for subdued colors

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In minimalist homes, your best bet is to go for neutral and earth colors or those hues that are considered to be subdued. The classic and perhaps most popular choice is white. But, you can also choose beige, tans, greens as well as blues.

The simpler the better


The shield shaped mirror blends in perfectly well with its surroundings. Image courtesy of See You Designs.

We have a few more pointers when decorating a room, make sure that any art or decor that will be used are simple. Minimalist is all about making the best out of the least number of items. The key to making your interior decor work is to choose decors that would accent and complement your wall paint.

Keep the floors clear

Image sourced from Scavolini Cucine

Aside from the furniture that you are planning to use inside the room, get rid of anything else. You should be able to see the floors clearly. You could add a rug if you wish but other than that, get rid of anything else in the room. This will make the space look bigger and at the same time declutter the area.

These are just some basic tips that can help you in creating a minimalist room. One more tip, bed sure to do one room at any time. This will allows you to concentrate on choosing the best pieces and at he same time, it won’t make you feel overwhelmed.

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