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4 Distinctive Makeover Ideas For Your Master Bedroom

4  Distinctive Makeover Ideas For Your Master Bedroom

4 Distinctive Makeover Ideas For Your Master Bedroom

Master bedrooms should be one of the coziest places in your home. For one, you will need to spend a fair share of your time in that room. Since your room would be your sanctuary, it should not only be your own private retreat, it should be comfortable, relaxing and, of course, stylish.

While we do acknowledge that personal style differs from one person to another, it would also be helpful to dish out some great choices when it comes to your room’s colors. We’ve rounded up some of our top picks and hopefully, it could spark an idea or two.

Minimalistic Grey


For those who are leaning towards the techy side, a grey master bedroom may just be the thing to try. You can opt for painting the walls with the metallic grey color and install all the latest gadgets in this room. The color grey is actually soothing and it gives the room a contemporary look which is just perfect for you. Here’s a picture from Cynthia Bowman’s Freshome post.

Navy and White


For those who are looking for a cool idea to give the room a masculine look, using a navy blue wall could do the trick. This renovation idea from Carmel in Our Fifth House is a spark of genius. The contrast between the colors is great and it doesn’t look too girly. There are wooden accessories which looked really well with the blue wall and the touch of white adds elegance to the room. For couples, this could be an awesome bedroom idea and, of course, you could add your own signature to your master bedroom’s design.

Lavish Gold and White


This photograph by Nile Johnson which was featured in HGTV’s site shows a great contrast between gold and white. This room definitely shouts royalty although it isn’t that ostentatious. Taupe walls surround the bedroom and there are gold accents all over the room. There’s a pale blue chair here and there and several room additions that create a luxurious feel all over the place.

Oak and Beige

This contemporary master bedroom is in the third floor of a Lake House in Bridgeport and was featured in Houzz. There’s much to love about this including the feeling that you have an infinite view of the area surrounding you due to the proximity of the bed to the windows. The view itself adds to the charm of this bedroom but the arrangement, on its own, is really good when you are in an area with an awesome view.

The designs and color combinations on these bedrooms are really great. If you feel inspired by any of these, you can make some changes to make it feel more personalized. At the end of the day, the best bedroom would always be the one where you feel most at home with. Little things such as adding a few details in the room such as hanging a mirror or changing the color of a wall could have a dramatic effect on how the room feels.

Which bedroom design do you like best? Tell us more about below.

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  1. Thanks very much for including my bedroom design here!

    Apr 6, 2016 Reply
    • Hi Carmel, thanks for dropping by our blog! We really loved your bedroom’s design, you did a great job with the colors.

      Apr 7, 2016 Reply

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