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7 Easy Home Interior Shortcuts To Make Dark Rooms Lighter

7 Easy Home Interior Shortcuts To Make Dark Rooms Lighter

7 Easy Home Interior Shortcuts To Make Dark Rooms Lighter

When you are decorating your home, light is one of the most essential factors that you would have to consider. If the light is not enough, you might end up having a place that feels like a cave and this is is far from being a good thing as far as home interior decoration is concerned. You need to make sure that natural light comes into your room.

We have outlined 7 simple ways to make sure that your home will get enough natural life or create an illusion that it is getting ample light.

Bring in plants

Ponytail-palm-in-a-modern-living-room (1)

Since plants are highly dependent on light, we immediately associated them to each other. Hence, when someone sees a plant in a room, they are more inclined to think that it is lighter than it actually is. Although live plants are preferable, you can also go for the faux variety. With a bit of creativity, you can pass off those plastic plants to look like the real thing.

Place identical mirrors across each other


When you are playing with light, mirrors are your best friend and we would make ample use of these home accessories here. By placing them opposite of one another, you can create reflections with infinite depth. This could create the illusion that the room is actually bigger than its actual size. At the same time, it also makes the room appear lighter.

Use lightweight fabrics with light colors for window treatments


More often than not, you prevent valuable natural light from coming into your home by using the wrong window treatment. By removing heavy draper and replacing them with something more lightweight, you can look forward to seeing more light enter your home.

Hang large mirrors

shutterstock_241955845 סלון

When light is an issue, bigger mirrors are always better. In fact, many interior decorators find mirrors to be the perfect tool in their arsenal because it could be used to bounce light into an otherwise dark room. Light sources reflected using a mirror could also make it appear as if you have twice the number of light sources than you actually have.

Go for glass/transparent doors


This may not be always possible especially when you have already constructed your home but a few changes here and there can make a huge difference. By using transparent doors, light could pass from room to room and reach areas of the house which could not receive light directly. Doors which would qualify such as tinted and frosted doors are also easy to find.

Choose neutral paint colors


When you have a dark room, it makes sense to choose a lighter paint color and this goes for rooms with no windows too. Choose a lighter color such as white or cream. You can also use a lighter color for the ceiling. This could be very effective when your floors are of a darker shade or the furniture and accessories in your home are. The color contrast can make this work and make your home appear lighter.

Arrange furniture to promote the flow of light


Another simple thing that you can do is rearrange. Make sure that shelves and partitions do not block light. As a rule, these items should be perpendicular to the walls containing the window so light can flow into the entire room.

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