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3 Oriental Interior Hacks: A Guide To Giving Your Home an Eastern Influence

3 Oriental Interior Hacks: A Guide To Giving Your Home an Eastern Influence

3 Oriental Interior Hacks: A Guide To Giving Your Home an Eastern Influence

Contemporary homes are gaining a lot of popularity these days and for a very good reason –these houses are beautiful. But the predominantly modern trend does not necessarily exclude cultural influences. Striking the right balance between architecture, interior design and accents that embody a particular culture is possible.

With the predominance of minimalist designs and wide open spaces or the illusion thereof, having a bit of Eastern influence that emphasizes the sense of serenity and tranquility would be welcome. When we say oriental, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go all in and change the entire feel of your home. A few handpicked home accessories could be just the thing you need to give your living space that sense of zen while retaining your home’s overall feel. This would be just like sticking to a contemporary theme with an Oriental twist.

Use Tranquil Colors and Accessories


Beige and sage are perfect colors for any modern home but they also given a sense of serenity in the room. Since these colors appear to be too peaceful, you can add some Eastern inspired pieces to given the room an Oriental vibe. This room by Yorokobi as featured in HGTV combines all those elements to create a modern home with subtle oriental influences. The stone art on the wall depicts Chinese warriors which give the room a feel of power or strength and there’s the bodhisattva stone statue of Kuan Yin that embodies tranquility and empathy.

Integrate live plants into your interior decor

Among the most prominent features of Oriental inspired homes is the predominant use of live plants. These plants can be inside the home and used as a centerpiece or part of the decor or it could also be used as a backdrop to spaces which are mainly used to entertain.

This minimalist Asian inspired home by Fertility Design featured in Home Designing makes use of a slate wall in the courtyard and at the same time, the plant is included in the overall picture. The red accent furniture plays a vital role in this picture and complements the feature wall.

Choose a bold colors for walls and accessories

Oriental inspirations may be known for giving residents with a sense of zen but this does not imply that bold colors are out of the picture. Eastern influences can also be distinguished with how vivid the colors are.

Red is often used in the interior decors for Oriental inspiration as well as gold. Another great choice for those who are not into red is to use something bold such as yellow. This home which takes yellow walls to a whole new level retains the Oriental air with the use of the color and the mirror. In fact, the mirror which comes with a highly Oriental pattern is an integral part of the room’s design! This mirror definitely has cultural influences and there’s no better way to add an Oriental air about the place than a mirror similar to this.


These are just 3 ways to add an Oriental flair to your home. Do you have more ideas and suggestions? Tell us about it below.

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